Photography | Waves

This is something I have been wanting to try for awhile. As much as I love being in the ocean, sometimes I want to share what I see. I’m glad I was able to get some usable shots the first time out, but my main goal was to get the feel of it and start learning the nuances of location, timing, lighting, etc.






What’s My Name?!

I have been seeing some really nice custom/hand-drawn typography lately, and it has made me want to break away from the Trade GothicsĀ and Garamonds of the world and get some flow going. Not having a project to apply it to, I whipped up this rendition of my name to scratch that itch.

Race Helmet

I’ve been slacking on the posts, but here’s some work I did on a helmet for a competitive mountain bike racer. This was from back in April (2014).

I have done a couple of these for him in the past. This time around, he just wanted variations of the letter “R” repeated throughout the helmet.

It was all done freestyle in black paint marker, meaning no rough sketching and no room for error. The rounded surface made it even more difficult. I’m happy with the end product though.

Rowdy Helmet, Apr 2014 photo rowdy_helmet_zpsefcd1127.jpg

RIP Space One

RIP Space One

I’ve been doing a good job lately of getting back to my graffiti-artist roots. A random chain reaction of thoughts inspired me to create this T-shirt design for a friend that passed away a couple of years ago. More on this later.


Hey there… Just to clarify, this blog isn’t intended to provide up-to-the-minute updates on my world views. It’s more of a place where I can share current or recent projects that may not necessarily qualify as portfolio samples, and also personal info that is at least somewhat relevant to design, art and the creative pursuits.